History Our History


Harbel Supermarket Corporation through the years.


Harbel Supermarket Corporation opened its doors to the Liberian public in 1992 in the Firestone plantation company, selling fresh produce, grocery, and baked goods at a fair price and in a fresh and friendly shopping environment. Trying to serve the firestone employees.


The 2002 was the beginning of MTN, Being Distributors for lonestar a leading telecommunications company.


Twelve years later, Harbel Supermarket corporation pioneered the concept of a supermarket in Liberia after owning the well know Retails P.O.S of "Abi Jaoudi" and opened its doors in 2010 through a new flagship store in Monrovia, providing customers and its surrounding areas with great value and best service.

Also, providing store goers with an unparalleled shopping experience, in style!


On October Harbel Supermarket corporation uncovered a new concept of large surface retail in Liberia. Strategically located in Monrovia, a bustling residential and commercial neighborhood, the new store provides a retail selling area on a single level with unique features that offer customers a differentiated shopping experience.




2013 witnessed the re-launching of Monrovia store with the uplifted image and new identity reflecting style and elegance. The “Shop in style” concept was created as a new step toward a luxurious and stylish shopping experience.

2013 last quarter

December 2013, Harbel Supermarket Corp. open its newest branch in Duala, providing the best pricing and quality for consumers. The company's 3rd branch covers an area of 3000 square meters, with a parking space capacity for 100 cars.